Flanders is among the top 5 knowledge regions in Europe

Flanders aims to be a pioneer in the European knowledge society and economy in a wide range of sectors by boosting its knowledge base and innovative potential. With this goal in mind, it’s no wonder that 4 cutting-edge strategic are headquartered in the region. What’s more, Flanders boasts a variety of scientific institutes and R&D platforms.

Four Strategic Research Labs

World-class research centers and tech clusters

Did you know that researchers from Flanders…

  • … were the first to unravel the DNA sequence of a gene ?
  • … invented the Advanced Encryption Standard AES, now securing your digital life ?
  • … developed tPA, a leading thrombolytic therapy for strokes, and thus a major blockbuster drug for GENENTECH Inc. ?
  • … created the opensource CMS DRUPAL, running 15% of websites worldwide including the US White House ?
  • … were the first to use STEM CELLS in bone transplantation?
  • … developed & perfected EUV Lithography for use in transistor scaling and in use by INTEL & SAMSUNG ?
  • … were behind the conception of the first technology that introduces new genes in plants?
  • … developed & perfected high end CMOS IMAGE SENSORS, for top of the line NIKON & CANON photo camera's ?
  • … were instrumental in the creation of the FIRST INTERNET BROWSER, JPEG and PDF ?
  • … perfected DVB & GALILEO standards to enable IoT - internet by SATELLITE ?