This open and independant platform aims to inform and to connect those with an interest in the Science & Technology connections between the United States and Flanders. Whether you are :

  • A Technology Executive wishing to contribute as independant board advisor
  • An Alumnus of a Flemish or American knowledge Institute
  • A young High Tech company aiming to expand into Europe or the USA
  • An Alumnus of a Flemish or American technology Corporation
  • An Enthusiast or an aspiring Tech student
  • A technologist planning a business trip to Flanders or the United States

... consider yourself an integral part of this digital network of likeminded peers. By growing this digital network, the platform aims to nurture the Science & Technology relationship between the United States and Flanders. You will find succescases, getting started whitepapers and high tech cluster maps on this open platform, available for you to use and share. All is free-of-charge, including becoming a Member. Simply register and get started.


General Representation of Flanders in the USA Flanders

Flanders Investment & Trade

Embassy and Consulates of Belgium in the United States

The 4 official Strategic Research Labs of Flanders :

  • IMEC - Flanders Inter University Micro Electronics Research Center
  • VITO - Flanders Institute for Technological Research
  • VIB - Flanders Institute for Biotechnology
  • Flanders Make - Flanders Institute for Manufacturing


The official Government Representatives of Flanders :